Redis service

Checking Status and Restarting Redis

To check the status of the Redis server:

  • For getting into the Redis container, use the command “redis-cli”.

  • Inside Redis, use the command “PING” -

- If the response is “PONG” then the server is running.

- If the response is blank or anything else other than “PONG,” the server is not running.

  • To get out of the Redis container: “exit”.

Process to restart the service if the Redis server is down

Restarting service mainly involves killing the service and starting it again.

Procedure to kill a service:

  • For killing any service on a Linux machine, we need the process_id of the service. The process_id which we get as the output number for further steps in killing the service by running the command is: $ ps aux|grep redis.

  • For killing an unresponsive service on a Linux machine, replace the process_id_of_service with the value that you have noted down in the above step:

$ sudo kill -9 process_id_of_service.

  • To confirm if the service is killed: $ sudo service redis-server status.

Procedure to start a service:

  • After successfully killing the service, to start the service: $ sudo service redis-server start.

  • To check the status of the service: $ sudo service redis-server status.

Note: Check the status of the redis-server as mentioned above.

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