Who would typically use this?

DIVOC has a feedback module that can be configured by countries to receive feedback on facilities that are running health campaigns. It can also configure a list of side-effects that can be reported by beneficiaries with a single click after authenticating themselves with a user ID password or mobile OTP via the Citizen portal.

Citizen portal to report symptoms

A citizen interface via DIVOC’s citizen portal has been enabled that can be used to provide feedback against the facility or report side-effects experienced after leaving the facility.

Steps to follow

Step 1:

Click on the URL to open the feedback page:

Step 2:

Go to the Report symptoms section, and click on Report Side-effects.

Step 3:

A page will be displayed with a list of symptoms that users can choose from. After selecting the symptoms, click on Confirm Symptoms.

Step 4:

Log in with 1234567890 and OTP 1234.

Step 5:

On successful login, a patient verification page will be displayed. Select the patient who has these symptoms and click on Submit.

Step 6:

Click on Confirm Patient after verifying the details.


Once the feedback is submitted, a notification is sent to the healthcare facility where the patient was vaccinated. The screen will also display details of the nearest health facility that the patient can visit if the symptoms worsen. Click on Continue if you want to report the symptoms of another person.

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