Issuing COVID-19 Vaccination Certificates in Jamaica


Jamaica went live with DIVOC in December 2021. It was implemented by Jamaica's Ministry of Health & Wellness.

DIVOC has set up the “Digital Vaccination Certificate Portal,” which also serves as the citizen portal, as well as a system admin portal for Jamaica. The vaccination data has been integrated with CommCare.

Platform release version


Features and services

  • Certificate generation: This is in sync with the country’s COVID-19 vaccination event. Once a person gets vaccinated, information is sent to Jamaica’s vaccination system and a certificate is automatically generated via DIVOC.

  • Certificate verification: The citizen portal can be used to verify the QR code-based certificates that are issued after vaccination.

  • Updating certificates: DIVOC has enabled a certificate update/correction API that can be used to update or correct an issued certificate if a citizen requests it.

  • Revoking certificates: This feature has been provided to Jamaica and will be implemented soon.

  • SMS service: DIVOC’s certificate module has been integrated with the SMS gateway service facilitated by Jamaica. As part of this service, a notification is sent to every citizen after they get vaccinated, informing them to download their certificates from the citizen portal.

  • Downloading certificates: Beneficiaries of the vaccination program can log in to the citizen portal using the 10-digit mobile number that they had used during registration and then click on “download your vaccination certificate” to view and download certificates.

  • Print facility: The staff or administrator at a facility will be provided with a login to use this feature to search for certificates and print them on behalf of the citizens. When a citizen walks into a facility, the staff will use the information (mobile number or date of birth) provided by him/her to search for the vaccination certificate. Once they find the certificate on the portal, the staff can download and print it.

Standards used

  • All COVID-19 certificates are generated as per the WHO-Digital Documentation of COVID-19 Certificates (DDCC) data specification.

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