Configuring certificates


This document will help an implementer configure a certificate (template and QR code) for a health event such as vaccination. This section includes configuring:


The DIVOC platform provides API services for generating digitally verifiable QR code-based vaccination certificates. The API for certificate generation has 6 sections:
  1. 1.
    PreEnrollmentCode: This section is linked to the 'dose' in the vaccination section to uniquely identify an event. For example, beneficiary registration number (R101) and dose number (1) as (R101-1) will be used to identify the first dose event uniquely. Similarly, beneficiary registration number (R101) and dose number (2) as (R101-2) will be used to identify the second dose event uniquely.
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    Recipient: It contains information about the beneficiary.
  3. 3.
    Vaccination: It contains details about the vaccination event such as name, batch, and vaccination date.
  4. 4.
    Vaccinator: It contains details about the vaccinator.
  5. 5.
    Facility: It contains details about the facility where beneficiaries will get vaccinated.
  6. 6.
    Meta: It contains additional information, which is not part of the QR code, such as the number of past doses taken.

Sample for default certificate generation request

  • You can refer to the API service call with sample data below:
"preEnrollmentCode": "62",
"recipient": {
"name": "Sam",
"uhid": "abc2232",
"dob": "1990-09-14",
"age": "31",
"gender": "Male",
"nationality": "India",
"identity": "did:in.gov.uidai.aadhaar:11112222334",
"contact": [
"address": {
"addressLine1": "123, Koramangala",
"addressLine2": "",
"district": "Bengaluru South",
"state": "bihar",
"pincode": "560033"
"vaccination": {
"name": "covaxin",
"batch": "AB348FS",
"manufacturer": "Bharat Biotech",
"date": "2021-07-12T19:21:19.646Z",
"effectiveStart": "2021-07-12",
"effectiveUntil": "2021-08-12",
"dose": 2,
"totalDoses": 2
"vaccinator": {
"name": "Sooraj Singh"
"facility": {
"name": "ABCD Medical Center",
"address": {
"addressLine1": "123, Koramangala",
"addressLine2": "",
"district": "Bengaluru South",
"state": "Karnataka",
"pincode": "560033"
"programId": "6ce74c0f-b1b5-4b20-9fa2-084acbbd857a",
"meta": { //Meta section stored as an Object and it can contain information in Key value pair
  • Refer to the /v3/certify service here for details.
  • Click here if you want to understand the mandatory and non-mandatory information that should be there in a vaccination certificate, according to global standards.

Key Functionalities

  • Generate configured QR code
  • Generate configured certificate template

Prerequisite: Get details on API request and field validations

a. Please refer to the existing service details in the ‘certification’ section (/v3/certify): https://egovernments.github.io/DIVOC/developer-docs/api/admin-api.html#../../india/interfaces/vaccination-api.yaml
// /v3/certify:
- certification
summary: Certify the one or more vaccination
description: >-
Certification happens asynchronously, this requires vaccinator
authorization and vaccinator should be trained for the vaccination that
is being certified. The payload for this API is compliant with DDCC core
data set prescribed by WHO
operationId: certifyV3
- in: body
name: body
required: true
type: array
$ref: '#/definitions/CertificationRequestV2' //Refer Line 722 in same file
description: OK
description: Invalid input
$ref: '#/definitions/Error'

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