Introduction to DIVOC Modules

Each module or component of DIVOC can be used independently or together and integrated with existing systems. This makes it easy for countries to choose, customise and pick up components as per their needs.

How this demo works

The tutorials will guide you on how to use DIVOC:

  • There are 6 sections and you can play around with each to understand how they work as per your specific needs.


  • You can go step-by-step as shown below: Program setup (via orchestration module) - Facility app - Issue and Verify Certificates - Citizen portal - Feedback module - Analytics.

Getting Started

Before you start any public health program in your country, the orchestration module helps you establish multiple registries for the program, set up appointment schedules, and add vaccinators, among others.

Enables walk-in registrations, verification, queue management, and vaccination. The app lets you:

  • Enrol/register beneficiaries who walk into the facility for on-the-spot registration. The process to register is the same as shown for the citizen portal. Pre-enrolled recipients can also walk into a facility.

  • Verification of beneficiaries via offline or online mode.

  • Recipient queue to view and manage the list of beneficiaries enrolled into the system.

  • Vaccination event recording and generation of an “immutable vaccination record.”

The certificate/credentialing module is an integral part of DIVOC, which can be used to issue certificates after a vaccination event. The module can also be integrated with the vaccination system of the country.

DIVOC provides a public portal that can be used for citizen-specific activities such as self-registration and appointment booking for one or multiple programs. It can also be used to download and verify certificates.

Enables digital administrative feedback and reporting of side-effects by beneficiaries or their caretakers. The feedback module can be integrated with a country's analytics system or even with an AEFI (adverse event following immunisation) system for research and analysis of the reported side-effects.

The performance monitoring dashboard gives day-to-day details about an ongoing public health event such as vaccination.


  • Each section presents a demonstration of various modules and features of DIVOC.

  • It is an illustration of a sample use case and not a part of any vaccination certification program.

  • The system resets itself periodically. If it is temporarily unavailable, please try again in a few minutes.

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