Adding a User Type in DIVOC


The document will cover steps on how to add a new user.

Steps to add a user

Step 1:

Login to keycloak (demo URL: Click on the administration console and enter the username and password. Next, click on the "sign in" button.

Step 2:

Go to the 'manage' section, and click on 'users.'

Step 3:

Click on "add user" to create a new user.

Step 4:

Enter your mobile number as the user name, and click on save.

Step 5:

Click on 'attributes' and add the required attribute (mobile_number) by clicking on the 'add' button. Next, click on 'save.'

Step 6:

Click on "role mappings" and select the type of role you want to add from the list of "client roles."

Step 7:

Select the role you want to add from the list of "available roles" and click on "add selected." Once you have completed this step, you will see the new user in the "assigned roles" section.

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