Step 3: Configure the certificate template

Each country will have a separate certificate template with country-specific branding, and language.


a. The DIVOC certificate template has been designed in the HTML format. To configure the HTML-based certificate template according to your country’s requirement, open certificate_template.html and map the dynamic fields in the certificate template.

        <td><span class="d-flex pt-1 pb-1 font-bold">Beneficiary Name</span></td>
        <td><span class="d-flex pt-1 pb-1 font-bold">Beneficiary Parent Name</span></td>
        <td><span class="d-flex">{{name}}</span></td>
        <td><span class="d-flex">{{parentName}}</span></td>

b. Any modifications that you make (such as combining address fields as a single string) to the address value must be performed in controller.js. The dynamic values will be sent from controller.js.

function prepareDataForVaccineCertificateTemplate(certificateRaw, dataURL) {
    certificateRaw.certificate = JSON.parse(certificateRaw.certificate);
    const {certificate: {credentialSubject, evidence}} = certificateRaw;
    const certificateData = {
        parentName: credentialSubject.parentName,
        age: credentialSubject.age,
        gender: credentialSubject.gender,
        identity: formatId(,
        beneficiaryId: credentialSubject.refId,
        recipientAddress: formatRecipientAddress(credentialSubject.address),
        vaccine: evidence[0].vaccine,
        vaccinationDate: formatDate(evidence[0].date) + ` (Batch no. ${evidence[0].batch} )`,
        vaccineValidDays: `after ${getVaccineValidDays(evidence[0].effectiveStart, evidence[0].effectiveUntil)} days`,
        vaccinatedBy: evidence[0],
        vaccinatedAt: formatFacilityAddress(evidence[0]),
        qrCode: dataURL,
        dose: evidence[0].dose,
        totalDoses: evidence[0].totalDoses,
        isFinalDose: evidence[0].dose === evidence[0].totalDoses,
        currentDoseText: `(${getNumberWithOrdinal(evidence[0].dose)} Dose)`

    return certificateData;


  • To check the PDF/print version, which will be generated after an update, open the HTML file in the browser and check for the print preview.

  • The page size should be A4 as the HTML is developed according to A4 dimensions.

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