Introduction to DIVOC

Digital Infrastructure for Verifiable Open Credentialing

What is DIVOC?

The Digital Infrastructure for Verifiable Open Credentialing or DIVOC is an open-source platform that enables countries to digitally orchestrate large-scale health campaigns such as vaccination and certification programs.

Learn more about the platform on the DIVOC website or Contact us for more details.

Facilitates last-mile delivery of health programs at scale

  • Built in India for the world as a digital public good, DIVOC is a flexible and extendable software that can be used across multiple health programs.

  • Its scalable and data-driven architecture allows it to deal with diverse country-specific scenarios. In a vaccination programme, for example, it gives countries the ability to manage and control vaccines, facilities, and vaccinators systematically across geographies, as well as generate digitally variable certificates that are compliant with international standards.

Our Key Modules

  • The platform is modular, enabling countries to use the components together or as an individual standalone solution, according to their need, for end-to-end vaccination and certification.

  • DIVOC has two core modules:

1. Issue and Verify Certificates

2. Analytics

  • Reference Implementation: There are other components of DIVOC that countries can customise according to their requirement -

1. Program setup via the orchestration module

2. Facility app

3. Citizen portal

4. Feedback

  • DIVOC Demo: Click here to play around with the modules.

DIVOC’s journey so far: Country stories

Acknowledge as a Digital Public Good by the Digital Public Good Alliance (DGPA), the platform has enabled India and four other countries to issue over 2 billion COVID-19 vaccination certificates to its citizens.

Launched at Scale: India Now live in…

Over 2 billion digitally signed vaccinated certificates via Cowin.

DIVOC’s certificate component went

live with digital vaccination certificates

in Sri Lanka in July 2021, in the Philippines in September 2021, and in Jamaica and Indonesia in December 2021.

DIVOC has enabled the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) to

issue digitally-signed

COVID-19 test reports.

Plans are underway to issue COVID-19 test result certificates in both Sri Lanka and Philippines.

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