Issuing COVID-19 Vaccination Certificates in India

The Government of India launched the COVID-19 vaccination program in January 2021. The roll-out of the Co-WIN application was key to this. While the cloud-based platform covered all the major modules that a vaccination program of this scale should have, it lacked the digital credentialing feature that was critical to open up travel and economy amid the COVID-19 pandemic. DIVOC was integrated with Co-WIN in January 2021, making India the first country where the digital verifiable credentialing was implemented. Over 1.9 billion vaccination certificates have been issued in India so far.

Platform release version

Since India was the first country to implement DIVOC, a component-wise release was done as there was no generic version available back then. Hence, the release versions are component-specific:
Release Version
Certificate generation services: dockerhub/divoc-certification-ack
Certificate generation services: dockerhub/certificate_processor
Certificate generation services: dockerhub/certificate_signer
Certificate generation services: dockerhub/vaccination_api
Certificate generation services - Commonly-used component: dockerhub/registry
Certificate generation services - Commonly-used component: dockerhub/caching-dash-server
Verification component: dockerhub/verification
Certificate reconciliation services: dockerhub/reconciliation
Fetch certificate services: dockerhub/digilocker_support_api
Fetch certificate services: dockerhub/registry
Dashboard: dockerhub/analytics_feed

Features and services

Certificate generation: A certificate is generated in real-time every time a person’s vaccination record is created in Co-WIN. Citizens get the latest dose certificate, which could be provisional, final, or the precaution dose. Two types of certificates are issued: domestic (age is mandatory) and international travel certificates (date of birth is mandatory). Further, DIVOC certificates (domestic) can be generated in 22 languages in India.
Certificate download: Besides Co-WIN, DIVOC’s certificate module has been integrated with Arogya Setu, Umang, and Digilocker, so that citizens can download their certificates after vaccination from any of these portals/apps by using their registered mobile number.
Certificate verification: DIVOC’s integration with CoWIN enables verification of the QR code-based vaccination certificates online by using DIVOC’s verification utility embedded within Co-WIN.
Updating certificates: This feature can be used by citizens if the name, age, gender, date of vaccination, or other details on their vaccination certificate are incorrect.
Revoking certificates: This feature is also used in India.
Analytics: DIVOC has set up a dashboard for India, which gives a snapshot of the total number of certificates issued, and accessed.
Note: These are April 19, 2022, numbers
Reconciliation service: This service was introduced in India to resolve any initial (bulk) data entry discrepancy such as date of vaccination.

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