Facility App

Who would typically use this?

It will be typically used by facility staff, including vaccinators and registration desk users, to carry out day-to-day tasks around a particular vaccination program. The app can be used both in offline and online modes. This is a multilingual application and the staff can choose the language according to their convenience.

What does this app allow?

1. Verify Beneficiary

This function can be used to verify a beneficiary against the photo/national ID proof submitted by the beneficiary at the time of registration. If a country has an online ID system (such as Aadhaar in the case of India), the module can be integrated with the national ID system and can perform an online verification.

Step 1: Log in

Click on the following URL to use the facility app: https://demo-divoc.egov.org.in/facility_app/. Log in using 9876543210 and OTP 1234. Next, click on Verify Beneficiary.

Step 2: Verify

Scan the QR code or enter the enrolment number. Press Continue to complete the verification process.

2. Add new beneficiaries

The facility app supports the registration of walk-in patients who may or may not have booked an appointment before the visit.

Click on New Beneficiary. Follow the same steps as outlined for users of the Citizen Portal to add members.

3. Recipient waiting

All the beneficiaries who have been registered and verified, and are waiting to be vaccinated, will be seen in the recipient queue.

Click on Beneficiary Queue to check how many patients are in queue for vaccination.

4. Issue/Distribute Certificates

After a vaccination event, the facility app generates a digital certificate in real-time.

  • Countries that have their own vaccination systems can use the DIVOC certification module to issue certificates that will be auto-generated and stored in DIVOC’s certificate registry.

  • If configured, the issued certificates will be seen under the “certificate issued” section on the app. They can also be distributed to vaccinated beneficiaries at a facility after they are printed by the facility staff.

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