Printing Certificates at a Facility

The document will cover steps on how to print certificates at a facility.

Create a user type

The facility/system administrator can print the certificates. The administrator can also create a user type (from the list of available roles) for a person who will print the certificates. Click here to add a user type in DIVOC.

Steps to print certificates at a facility

Step 1:

Once the user has been created, the person can log in to the portal using the following URL: Enter the registered mobile number, and the OTP, and click on "login to portal."

Step 2:

Enter the phone number and the date of birth given during registration. Next, click on the search button.

You will see the name(s) displayed on the screen.

Step 3:

Click on 'print' to print the certificate. To save it on your desktop/laptop, click on 'save.'

Step 4:

Log out once you have printed the required certificate(s).

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