DIVOC's Verifiable Certificate Features 2.0


This section describes the key features of DIVOC and how they work.

What is DIVOC's issue and verify certificate module?

  • Countries can use the DIVOC's certificate module to issue digitally verifiable certificates (VCs) to the entire population at speed and scale in a controlled manner post-vaccination.

  • This module is responsible for issuing a QR code-based digital certificate for any registered health event. It can be adapted to other areas too where there is a requirement for secure and tamper-proof documents, such as educational certificates.

  • The certificates can be issued in both digital and physical forms, which includes print, pdf, and other formats.

  • The module supports multilingual vaccination certificate templates.

  • Generates WHO-DDCC (World Health Organisation- Digital Documentation of COVID-19 Certificates) compliant digital vaccination certificates with a W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) JSON schema, for every resident after successful inoculation.

  • To aid travel into other countries, the certificate module supports on-demand services for travellers to export their vaccination certificates to other formats (e.g. EU-DCC, SmartHealthCard), used in the destination countries.

  • The module supports additional services, including certificate verification, certificate update/correction, and certificate revocation.

  • The public key of the adopter country can be published using DIVOC’s verification page that can be embedded into the country's vaccination program-specific website/portal.

What will it cover?

Click on the following links to learn more about VC features 3.0, 3.1, and 3.5:

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