How to Revoke Certificates

Revocation API

The API uses a “beneficiary ID/pre-enrolment code” and the “registration number” as input parameters to search and fetch the certificate(s) that need to be revoked from the certificate registry. The revocation certificate does not contain the end date.

Revoke Certificate Workflow

  • Request URL: {{baseUrl}}/vc-certification/v1/certificate/revoke

  • Request method: POST

Request Body

    "certificateId": "843575011372",
    "entityName": "HealthProfessional_1"

Request Json

    "message": "Certificate Revoked",
    "certificateRevokeResponse": {
        "id": "sunbird-rc.registry.create",
        "ver": "1.0",
        "ets": 1674811937256,
        "params": {
            "resmsgid": "",
            "msgid": "3d2a200b-3397-4935-b8ef-6092f467abef",
            "err": "",
            "status": "SUCCESSFUL",
            "errmsg": ""
        "responseCode": "OK",
        "result": {
            "RevokedVC": {
                "osid": "1-888a147b-60b0-467c-8aa0-233b80d121ba"


Previous Certificate (should show revoked)

Delete revoked VC

  • Request method: Delete

  • Request URL: {{baseUrl}}/vc-certification/v1/certificate/revoke/entityName/certificateId

  • SampleURL: {{baseUrl}}/vc- certification/v1/certificate/revoke/HealthProfessional71/961266078942

  • Authorisation needed

Response Json

    "message": "Delete revoked certificate request sent successfully"

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