Citizen Portal

Who would typically use this?

Citizens can use this portal before and after a vaccination event.

What this module allows

Steps to follow

1. For self-registration and appointment -

Step 1: Log in to the portal

Use the following URL for the citizen portal: Log in using your own mobile number and OTP 123456. Click on Verify.

Step 2: Add a member

Click on +Member to add members (you can register yourself and 3 more with a single mobile number).

Step 3: Register to a program

Select the program for which you want to register (if there are multiple programs listed). Click on Continue.

Step 4: Check eligibility

Enter the beneficiary’s year of birth and mention if the person has any commodities from among those listed. Click on Continue.

Step 5: Add details

Mention ID type, ID number, name, gender, residence details, contact information, and email ID among others. Once you have added all the details, click on Continue. You can book your appointment once you have registered yourself.

2. For Downloading a Certificate -

Step 1: Log in

Click on the following URL to log into the citizen portal: Go to Download your Vaccination Certificate section. Click on Download.

Log in with 1234567890 and OTP 1234.

Step 2:

Select the person whose certificate you want to download or print.

Step 3:

Once the certificate is displayed, click on Download / Print.

3. For Certificate Verification -

Step 1:

Click on the following URL: Go to Verify your Vaccination Certificate section. Click on Verify.

Step 2:

Click on SCAN WITH QR to verify the certificate.

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