How to Verify Certificates

Offline Verification

DIVOC supports offline verification of the QR code-based digital certificates to support the verification of certificates in connectivity-restricted regions, and make it more user-friendly.

The QR code can also be verified by third-party authorised verifier applications to enable domestic and cross-border verification of DIVOC-issued certificates.

Online Verification

DIVOC provides a public portal that allows verifiers (including self-verification by beneficiaries) to verify certificates.


  • Request URL: {{baseUrl}}/vc-certification/v1/certificate/verify

  • SampleUrl:{{baseUrl}}/vc-certification/v1/certificate/HealthProfessional_1/614894628867

  • Request Method: POST

  • Headers:

  • Content-Type application/json accept application/json

  • Authorisation Bearer <access-token>


  • The user can scan the QR code on the document.

  • After scanning, the user can see all the details on the screen.

  • These details can then be matched and easily verified with those on the printed document.

Request Body

    "name": "Neha",
    "dob": "1991-11-29",
    "registrationId": "12345-8",
    "gender": "female",
    "registrationCouncil": "Karnataka",
    "latestQualification": "PostGraduate",
    "university": "Delhi University",
    "degreeYear": "2019",
    "systemOfMedicine": "Ayurveda",
    "registrationDate": "2023-01-09",
    "registrationExpiry": "2025-09-09",
    "issuer": "",
    "issuedOn": "2023-09-09",
    "validFrom": "2023-09-09T21:01:01.121Z",
    "validTill": "2025-09-09T21:01:01.121Z",
    "issuanceDate": "2023-09-09T21:01:01.121Z",
    "certificateId": "614894628867"


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