PDF Template Change for Vaccine Certificates

Any template-related changes can be done by updating the HTML template in the etcd manager. Supported fields include the following:

Example: Adding a field such as ‘nationality’ to the PDF template.

Steps to add ‘nationality’ to the PDF template:

  • Go to the Manage keys in the etcd-manager.

  • Go to the “vaccineCertificateTemplate” key and click on the Edit key to update the template. In this case, the ‘nationality’ field is being added. The value expected for the “vaccineCertificateTemplate” configuration is html and can be customised as per your needs.

  • The same will be reflected in the PDF of the vaccination certificate. Click on Save. A popup will appear as “operation successful.” Click on Close.

  • Call “GET VaccineCertificate API,” which will return the PDF certificate template. Verify if the new field ‘nationality’ is getting reflected.

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