Issuing COVID-19 Vaccination Certificates in Indonesia


DIVOC’s certificate generation service went live in Indonesia in December 2021. It was implemented by Indonesia’s Ministry of Health.

DIVOC has been integrated with an existing mobile application in Indonesia - PeduliLindungi - to generate COVID-19 certificates for its citizens.

Platform release version


Features and services

Certificate generation: DIVOC issues the latest COVID-19 vaccination certificate to citizens on demand. DIVOC supports the generation of multi-lingual certificates in Indonesia.

Certificate verification: The verification portal set up by DIVOC can be used to verify the QR code-based certificates online after they are generated by the system. Third-party verification apps can also be used to verify the certificates, both online and offline.

Updating certificates: This service is also available in Indonesia.

Standards used

  • COVID-19 certificates issued in Indonesia are compliant with the WHO-Digital Documentation of COVID-19 Certificates (DDCC) data specification.

  • COVID-19 certificates issued to those who are travelling to EU countries are compliant with the EU-DCC data specification.

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