Who would typically use this?

During any major health event, countries need powerful visual analytics to manage the rollout, distribution, certification, and other processes. DIVOC’s analytics dashboard empowers health departments of countries to harness their data and find insights that are required to manage future challenges.

Real-time analytics oversee the entire process

  • It uses an open-source visualisation dashboard called “Redash,” which can be configured by countries.

  • It is integrated with DIVOC’s certificate module. Redash can be configured for other modules of DIVOC as well as per a country's requirements.

  • Countries can generate customised analytical reports without hampering the actual production database via ClickHouse, an open-source database management system that has been implemented by DIVOC.

  • You can also see details on certificate generation and its distribution for further analysis on parameters such as geographical region, age, gender, type of facility, type of fund, and other customised indicators.

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