What DIVOC is and what it's not

This document will tell you what DIVOC can and cannot do. For example, do not expect DIVOC to correct data fraud or mistakes at the source, or store medical history with high data-storage requirements.

What DIVOC can doWhat DIVOC is not meant for

Holds information on individual events or claims.

It is not meant to store historical data (for example, a person’s medical history). The size limitation is 1 KB.

It is tamper-proof, and hence, can ease access to welfare funds linked to identity and a claim.

Cannot expect it to rectify data errors at the source.

The output can be hybrid (PDF plus QR code).

Not a good idea if the expected verification to issuance ratio is low.

Modular architecture can support more health credentialing other than COVID-19.

Not suitable if there is no purpose on the demand side.

DIVOC supports multi-lingual use and multi-distribution methods (such as paper, and smartphone).

Not the best option if the issuer and verifier are in the same network (in such cases, we recommend using simpler, and cheaper options).

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