How to Generate Certificates

The DIVOC certificate generation service provides a ‘Certify” API for other eHealth systems, to generate digital certificates for specific events. With the help of this service, the user can generate a certificate that must have a QR code. The QR will have the link to the reference website or the database containing all the details of the required documents. These may include details such as name, document identification number, and license.

API Structure

The API structure for the Certify API includes the following:

Recipient information: This section contains information about the beneficiary of the specific event (for example, the registration event).

Registration event information: This includes details about the registration event such as name, year of passing, and college/university.

Issuer information: It contains information about the issuing authority.

Certificate information: It includes details such as certificate ID and expiry date, among others.

Create Certificate & Get Certificate ID Workflow

Step 1: Create Certificate (Certify)

  • Request method: POST

  • Request URL: {{baseUrl}}/vc-certification/v1/certify/EnitityName

  • Sample URL: {{baseUrl}}/vc-certification/v1/certify/HealthProfessional_1

Request Body

    "name": "Neha",
    "dob": "1991-11-29",
    "registrationId": "12345-6",
    "gender": "female",
    "registrationCouncil": "Karnataka",
    "latestQualification": "PostGraduate",
    "university": "Delhi University",
    "degreeYear": "2019",
    "systemOfMedicine": "Ayurveda",
    "registrationDate": "2023-01-09",
    "registrationExpiry": "2025-09-09",
    "issuer": "",
    "issuedOn": "2023-09-09",
    "validTill": "2025-09-09T21:01:01.121Z",
    "issuanceDate": "2023-09-09T21:01:01.121Z"


    "transactionId": "63114647-b3a3-4863-a667-48d06b1c93c5"

Step 2: Get Transaction

  • Request method: GET

  • Request URL: {{baseUrl}}/vc-management/v1/transaction/transactionId

  • Sample URL: {{baseUrl}}/vc-management/v1/transaction/63114647-b3a3-4863-a667-48d06b1c93c5


    "transactionId": "63114647-b3a3-4863-a667-48d06b1c93c5",
    "certificateId": "614894628867",
    "entityType": "HealthProfessional_1",
    "status": "SUCCESSFUL"

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